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Solid Roof Conservatories

Solid roof conservatories offer the perfect balance between a conservatory and a regular home extension. And thanks to recent technological advances, they continue to grow in popularity.

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Key Advantages of Solid & Insulated Conservatory Ceilings.

The greatest advantage of insulated and solid roof conservatory is its effect on the interior temperature.

Glass or plastic roofed conservatories are notoriously hot in summer, and cold in winter. Although other solutions are available, such as solar inserts or laminates, solid and insulated roof conservatory address these problems effectively.

In summer, they prevent the sun's rays from entering the room. This dramatically lowers interior temperatures, allowing you to comfortably use your conservatory more frequently.

And in winter, solid roofs offer more effective insulation than plastic or glass. You'll reduce heat loss, which means you'll have more use of your conservatory during the colder months, and your energy bills will be significantly lower.

Award winning solid roof conservatory solutions
Lower your conservatory tempperatures with our award winning solid roof conservatory solutions
Enjoy your conservatory all year round - solid roof Conservatory solutions

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